What is SAP CRM?

CRM is an acronym in English that means Customer Relationship Management, and it is nothing more than a software that will help us in the management of relations with our clients.

Having a customer-oriented organisational model is now more important than ever. The sales, Marketing and customer service departments are the front line to both customers and potential customers. It is necessary that these departments have a deep visibility of the nature of the client with the objective of being able to provide an experience of value in each contact.

In this respect SAP has one of the most used solutions at the professional level, the SAP CRM.

SAP CRM Features

1-Marketing Management and Brand resources

Align all your marketing activities and resources around strategic objectives. This way it optimizes budgets, personnel, times and assets.

1- Segmentation and management of leads listings

It allows you to organize and distribute large volumes of data at high speeds with a drag-and-drop interface system that highlights key data from each lead.

-Automatically recognizes trend changes in lead or client behavior.
-Identifies trends and proposes opportunities as well as new segments of potential customers.


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