What is CRM or Customer Relationship Management?

When the digital marketing professional faces daily challenges, one that truly poses a challenge is the implementation of a CRM or Customer Relationship Management.

The digital world is all data. Social networks, email marketing, a form or landing.

Today they are all contact points with potential customers and customers. And this assumes that if a potential client contacts at some point with my brand, I must at least “ask” a data, the email.

This approach leads us to every time brands and companies that implement professional marketing strategies, accumulate more and more data.

Well-structured and cross-processed data are key directors for decision-making. The accumulated and poorly managed data make us lose opportunities and revenue.

Hence the importance of working the unique data, with a CRM and then taking the step to an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

But in this post we want to focus on the market vision of CRM or CRM Marketing.

That is to say, because it is absolutely necessary in digital marketing, that each company or brand (that is in digital or not) implant sooner or later a CRM system.

To see if I help a little to take the step…

What is CRM?

It is an acronym for the English acronym Customer Relationship Management. A anglicism more acquired in this world marketer. We like!!!

Its literal translations could be:

-Management of the relationships of the buyers.

– Management based on customer management (as Wikipedia tells us)

– Customer relationship Management.

Therefore, if we stick to these literal definitions, any company that defines a management model based on the relationships with its clients, its data and makes a final profit has a CRM.

Yes, you’ve read well, because what you’re thinking is the software that supports the CRM methodology.


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