What is engagement marketing? Examples and tools

In this post I will try to define and deepen the term engagement marketing, for this I will help with examples that can be very illustrative and can help us in our marketing strategy, as well as tools that we can provide to help us create Solid and lasting relationships with the people who follow us.

Before entering its definition, we should know that this type of marketing can be applied in actions that we perform offline (street marketing, event marketing and mobile marketing) as well as online actions (Blog, content Marketing, SEO, networks Social and E-mail Marketing).

But do we really know what engagement marketing is?

There are many ways that we could define engagement marketing; Experience marketing, event marketing, participatory marketing, etc., but the truth is that in most cases we may not know that we are using it or at least we are not aware of it.

To approach a definition we have to talk about commitment and experience of the brand.

If we associate the commitment to a brand through an unconditional relationship arising from a communication strategy, then we will be talking about engagement marketing

To explain it in a simple way I will explain an example of traditional marketing that I always observe when I travel to Colombia.

Box Example of traditional Marketing “shopping for Colombia”: Colombia is a country of very good people; Charming and very close people, but when you access a store, whatever it is, you are always approached by a salesperson who tries to convince you to buy a product from the store. Sometimes the way and how the seller is approached causes an immediate rejection of the brand, and in this particular case what you get as a result is to search as soon as possible the exit of the store to get out of it quickly. /box

Box Example of Engagement Marketing “shopping for Ikea”: A couple of months ago Ikea opened its doors in Valencia and I waited a couple of weeks to spend a little the boom of novelty to be able to visit their facilities, but without so much racking of people. Long before entering the garage of the Swedish giant you realize the good organization of posters that are guiding you and accompanying all the way. Once you leave the garage and start climbing the first escalators, the first thing you find is a huge smile that welcomes you and if you have any nano like me, this person begins to joke our “tiny”, getting with it “to throw The family in the pocket “, then and without having to board you any person, you have a perfectly organized and orchestrated tour so you can see all the products they offer, and after the hike we go through the box, and I am forcefully called the Attention to invite us to take the snack totally free and in this way we could rest a little feet, and we were fired again with a smile. So I thought, this is doing a good use of experiential marketing, because they make you feel very good and very confident, and you want to go back to visit this company. /box

I think these two examples clarify very well the huge differences between the more traditional cutting marketing to engagement marketing.

How to generate engagement marketing

How do we get that unconditional and indissoluble relationship enters a brand and a consumer?

We could not give a concrete and specific answer because within the engagement marketing we can not define a script to follow that will report good results always but rather a total change in the way and how to do marketing, a new Communication mentality.

The term engagement is always associated with social networks and we thought it was born with them but it is not, since it is a term that is born with Gary M. Reynolds in 1977 when it starts to implement the marketing commitment.

To make commitment marketing we must design and make a strategy where we take into account the following variables:

Segmentation. It is the key to commitment marketing as we must segment the public that we direct our strategy.

Content. We design the information we are going to use to make our consumers loyal. It is very important the originality and creativity in these designs.

Actions. We will define the actions that we are going to put into practice within the commitment marketing strategy.

Channels. We will define what means we are going to use to reach the consumers, within which we will analyze the online media and the offline media.

Offline Engagement Marketing Tools
Street Marketing

This type of Marketing we always have around us, we see it and we find it in any part of our city, whether in bus stops, billboards, shopping centers, Metro stations, train and buses, airport, etc.

Event Marketing

The marketing of events is a way of communication widely used by the vast majority of companies, and where a clear strategy is designed to impact, improve and fidelize the brand image with its consumers.

Mobile Marketing

This type of marketing is found in buses, trams, meters, cars, bicycles and any other element that is moving either within a city or outside.

Online Engagement Marketing Tools
Blog: is undoubtedly the best known tool and one of the most used today to do marketing, and combined with a good strategy of marketing content can help us to give greater visibility of the brand and loyalty to our readers , becoming loyal subscribers or readers and committed to our brand.

Tips to improve the engagement in a Blog
1.-Total integration of your Blog with social networks.

In addition to adding social networking buttons on a Blog is very convenient to insert other elements that allow the interaction with our Blog of our readers from their social profiles. Here are some examples:

Make comments from your favorite Social network profile.
Register from your social profile.
Participate in events and promotions.

2.-Increase the number of subscribers.

The more Subscribers we have of our Blog more engagement we will have in the form of comments or social bookmarks, so it is very important that inside the Blog we have a tool to facilitate the obtaining of these subscribers. Personally I’ve been using the plugin WordPress Sumo and I have achieved more than 800 subscribers in 2 months.

In addition to improving engagement, having a wider community of subscribers will help us to increase our Blog visits.

3.-Responds to all comments.

It is essential that we respond to the comments made by our readers as soon as possible, because in this way other readers will be encouraged to ask something about a post and thus increase in engagement.

4.-Comment on other Blogs.

A golden principle in marketing is that if you want your readers to be interested and comment your articles, the first thing you should do is interest you for theirs, not as an act of exchange but rather to connect with other professionals and create a relationship of Active participation with the actions they carry out.

5.-Boost your presence in social networks.

The social networks most suitable for a company is decided according to the typology of the company, but if we analyze the social networks that more engagement can offer us would be; Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin and Pinterest.

6.-Finish your Blog articles with one or two questions.

In this way you will be encouraging and encouraging readers to participate more actively in the published article.

Content Marketing: Content marketing is a very effective tool for us to include in our commitment marketing strategy. It is essential that the choice of content is based on the audience and not on the interests of the brand itself.

SEO: It is a set of techniques that will help us that our contents have a greater visibility in the Google search engine and allow us to reach a much wider audience.

Social networks: It is without doubt one of the best tools to make engagement marketing and one of the most important. The reason is very simple, because it is an ideal scenario to get the commitment of our followers.

Tips to improve social networking engagement
1.-Know your audience. It is essential to know your audience and know what their hobbies and preferences are.

It is also important to know data about our audience as they are; Sex, age, level of studies, profession, etc.

2.-Publishes original and useful content. If you already know the tastes of your audience, you can get to work and look for content that is very original and useful for your fans and followers.

3.-Publishes with a certain frequency. You should not forget that a social network is an online channel of communication of your brand, so every day it is advisable to publish 1 or 2 new content.

4.-Answer always and quickly. If you respond with some speed this will make your brand image perceive more positively and generate confidence to your fans and followers.

If you do not know the answer, do not be afraid to answer that you are finding the answer and that as soon as you give it, the greater transparency exists much better.

5.-Connect with influencers in social networks. The influencers in social networks are a great ally of a brand as they can significantly amplify our engagement marketing strategy and a very short period of time.

E-mail Marketing: If you doubt this is the most used tool of direct marketing and it is essential to offer our subscribers exclusive and high quality content that will help us to retain our subscribers for a long time.

As the consultant Laura Ribas says “On the list is the money”, referring to the list of subscribers of a Blog.

A free tool that I recommend to send massive emails and that is a fundamental piece for our e-mail marketing strategy is Mailchimp.

Bellow the Line (BTL): Advertising strategy that is used to promote products or services through very creative actions that seek to surprise and impact your audience.

Current examples of Engagement Marketing..

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