Key tools in a Marketing Plan (VIII): Optical Action Plan

What is an action plan optician?

As you well know, “the optician” is a widely used concept in the world or advertising sector, especially when you want to present media campaigns in a simple and comprehensible way.

In this case it is to extrapolate this advertising technique to our marketing plan, as simple as that.

A possible definition could be:

“Moving in an orderly, grouped and visual way, the information we want to present, enmarcándola in a specific temporal period, and thus relating any type of variable…”

That is, to present in an Excel sheet, a flowchart, schemas or any other type of design, relevant information.

Designing the optical of the Action plan
Three are the steps you must give:

1. Selection of the program to be used, from an Excel sheet, to the Microsoft Project or more advanced design programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw…) … It all depends on which one you drive better.

In our particular case, most of the time we use Excel.

2. What data should be included; It is essential to select the data to show in the optical of the action plan, we suggest:

– Detail or description of each action.

– Temporality: Either for weeks or months.

– Budget: Total cost of each share.

– Income: Income provided for each action, if the sales forecast has been made.

– Channel by which the action will be executed: if we launch actions by the non-line channel, direct sales, distributors, Commercial force…

3. Start building the optical with the data defined and the program that we have chosen. /box

One way to do this can be to place on the left side in column format all actions (the descriptive title) each in a different row.

In the upper part we can divide by days, weeks, months….

On the right side we can include budget columns, revenues…

Of course we can go adding any other data that we deem “critical” and should be considered, reaching the level of detail that we want to mark.

Action Plan Optical Advantages
Plan and design The action Plan optical has the following advantages:

It allows to analyze in a simple and intuitive way all the variables presented: actions, dates, costs…

It contributes to compensate the impacts of the Marketing Plan, by being able to visualize the entire annual plan.

It synthesizes information, facilitating possible decision-making.

Support element for Marketing Plan presentations to other areas, direction or management.

You can serve as a reference guide to track the actions marked temporarily.

Optical example of the action plan
Here is an example of an optical action plan


In this series of post we have made complex matrices such as positioning or matrix performance importance, and other simple as the PEST-E, but what unites all, including the optical action plan, is that in one way or another help us in the analysis of infor To make decisions, to analyze variables or to facilitate a little the process of elaboration of the annual Marketing Plan.

The optical of the action plan is nothing more than an easy way to simplify information, a tool, which because it is very simple is not always used, and that from the culture of Marketing we want to promote.

Hopefully it’s been interesting!!!!

And you knew this tool?

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