Why training in digital marketing?

Advantages of training in digital marketing
Learn new concepts, methodologies, ideas, systems, processes, tools… Through the experience and knowledge of third parties.

Generate Professional Networking: When we undertake any formative activity usually we will have professional partners who will be in our same situation, either off or online, benefit, establishes synergies, creates contacts, generates projects…

Recycle our expertise and know-how: training will help us acquire new concepts and re-update old processes or methods. Enrich your experience by acquiring new knowledge.

To be Able to develop new projects and challenges: it can be the moment with what we have learned to be able to carry it into practice! There Are courses and masters in which you have to develop a final project, you have no excuses.

Increase Our skills and qualifications: training improves our curriculum. Because we incorporate new tools and extend the existing ones. It’S a way to move forward in your professional career.

Critical Areas where you must continually form
As We all know digital marketing is conformed by a multitude of areas and aspects. Logically of all we can not be experts, so it is important to choose correctly the area we want to form.

Analytics: It is an area where a lot of qualified professionals are still needed. Especially at more advanced levels. The digital marketing is Not conceived without data and measurements, without KPI´S that help to the fulfillment of the objectives.

What are you waiting for!!!!

Tools social media: Every day there are more and more tools, select the burning you are interested and become expert, from SocialBro to Hootsuite, from Tweetdeck to Topsy…

SEO: An aspect that will accompany us throughout the life of the site, therefore we must learn all the details of SEO off and Onpage, from backlinks to keywords, from Semrush to Ahrefs.

Adwords: If we are professionals of digital marketing possibly sooner or later we have to plan some campaign in Adwords, but we must get 11% of the word planner calves….

Inbound Marketing: Is the novelty but within this methodology there are many techniques and developments to learn, the buyer person, the funnel channel, the conversion and power of attraction, from Hubsopt to Marketo…

Best practices: Learn from the successes and projects of professional friends, is one of the best options, analyze what they did and why, ask and investigate.

Of course there are many more areas of knowledge, look for the one that complements or lacks…

Today There are many portals with a lot of training programs where you can find the best courses and masters in the sector, such as TopFormación.

You Can choose to be segmented or to do a formation 360 º, that only depends on you!!!!

Where you can become a digital marketing
Options There are many, we give you some clues…

Professional Master off or online, from public university or from private centers or qualified professionals.

Shorter Courses that perfect very specific subjects, that if with certificate that accredits and homologue the formation.

Webinar: They are a good option, free, to generate networking, to know professionals and interesting and short-lived experiences. That If you select the ones that are really interesting!!!!

Blogs and Vblog: To say, free, of great professionals, with much useful information and of value, the problem to know to filter. Learn and put into practice!!!

Conferences and Congresses: the traditional method that never fails, physical or digital assistance, a powerful networking tool where you usually have experiences and projects. Danger the events where you sell “smoke”, learn to recognize them.

Hangout: What you did not like any of the above?, because nothing is proactive and assembles hangout or Skype or the tool you prefer, with professionals, you contribute and they contribute. Synergies and mutual learning. The free cost.

Forums: If you’ve read well, forums are places where people share tricks and tools, how to solve problems or find resources… Benefit of them.

Tutorials and videos: If we go to Youtube or Vimeo find hundreds of thousands, the problem is to filter the good content of the bad content, see comments, reproductions and asks recommendations…

Books and manuals: The lifelong, what if it works? Personally I use it because there are books and manuals very interesting, and also worth e-book format!!!

Specialized Sites: There are sites where very interesting reports and studies like IAB or the Marketing Association of Spain or AMA… Find them and add them to favorites to read the information they publish free…

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