What is email marketing and how to develop a professional strategy

Do You Have an email marketing strategy integrated into your digital marketing strategy?

If The answer is NO, or half, this post is going to come phenomenal.

And If you have it integrated, read in detail in case we can bring you something new.

It is high time that brands and digital marketing professionals bet on a powerful and scalable digital marketing tool.

A tool that is well designed, worked, used and monitored can help to meet your brand’s digital marketing goals. Whether They are conversion targets, brand image or cross-selling.

In Addition, email marketing has a great advantage and is that up to an important volume of monthly shipments the vast majority of professional platforms have a cost-free alternative.

What more can you ask for?

But hey I don’t roll over and we get to the point.

What is email marketing or marketing mail?
If we go to a basic definition, we can say that email marketing:

“It is a digital marketing tool that serves to communicate with potential customers and customers by sending emails…”

That’s the essence, but as professionals, we’re short.

You Have to take a step further and include the term strategy. This nuance implies that then email marketing translates into:

“A set of actions conceived, designed and planned to achieve marketing objectives through content and value design”

Now If we have a complete definition, because “strategy” implies methodology, target segmentation, work the copy, monitor and measure results…

It’S time to do professional digital marketing and good 😉

Email marketing is not a newsletter
Very important This statement, because many companies and brands confuse the concepts of email marketing with newsletter.

How we explained a paragraph above, email marketing is the design of a whole strategy, with an action plan, different public, a budget, a timing…

On the contrary a newsletter is one more action, of all the actions of email marketing that we can start up within a planned strategy. That Is to say, a periodic sending of massive and programmed email campaigns.

The problem is that as in so many other aspects of digital marketing, we have taken habits without thinking.

The Typical example is a company that collects emails from your website and automatically sends you a monthly business template without even the client has told you if you are interested in that type of content.

And every month I bomb it over and over again.

If I don’t have a well-designed email marketing strategy, how am I not going to throw meaningless actions!!!

We Are wasting human and economic resources.

How to do professional email marketing or how to design a viable email marketing campaign
To make a professional email marketing strategy The first thing we should take into account, even if it is truism, is to know if I have the knowledge and minimum resources needed to launch the campaigns.

If The answer is affirmative, we’re on the right track.

The steps to follow then are:

1. Define Target Types
Who do I want To address? It is Not the same to launch actions for customers that for potential customers, that for people who do not know us at all but left us an email address.

It is Also Not the same to launch actions for customers of first purchase that for loyal customers who have time with the brand.

Then Why do we do it?

Define well what type of target you are going to address because from here you will design different lines of action.

Here the key is segmentation. Choose the segmentation variables that make the actions effective. And group in lists, thus segmenting your database.

2. Set The objectives of the email marketing strategy
Why do I want to communicate with my target?

It Is very important to mark the objectives, always aligned with the objectives of digital marketing of the brand.

It’s Not the same Branding goals as pure and hard sales goals. It is Not the same to generate repetition of purchase to attract traffic to the web or to a landing.

Depending On the predefined targets we set the specific objectives for each list or group.

3. Define What type of communication
With the target defined and the objectives marked, you can establish what the communication level will be for each of the groups or mailing lists.

What does This mean?

I have to define the style and tone of my email marketing strategy.

For example, to customers who have already repeated more than 3 times, I can establish a closer, trusted tone with a more comfortable design.

To The target of potential customers I can give a more commercial, impact, attractive, transgressor… The goal is to get the lead or to buy the promotion.

That’s always in line with the style guide that the brand has in the digital environment.

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