How to make inbound Marketing

With new technologies, the current consumer has become more adept at recognizing when a brand wants to sell its products and/or services. Because of the ease of accessing information the messages emitted by the brands must be more and more subtle. Inbound Marketing has emerged as the answer to this situation.

What is inbound Marketing?
Inbound Marketing is a strategy that involves applying non-intrusive techniques to capture, retain and transform leads into clients. The purpose of this strategy is to accompany potential customers through appropriate content at each stage to maximize the number of contact points and the awareness of the brand.

Once defined the buyer person is necessary to contact with this, especially at the beginning of the process of purchase of a certain product. Taking advantage of a content Marketing strategy, the appropriate content is generated according to the phase in which it is located and to the final stage.

Inbound Marketing provides advantages to companies that put it into practice. Among the main, are:

Increases qualified marketing Contacts (MQL): Duplicates them in one year and multiplies them by 7 in two years.
Increases the Records (leads): Multiplies them by 5 in one year and by 14 in two years.
Increases The visits the website receives. It quadruples the first year and multiplies it by 12 in two years.
The main goal of inbound Marketing is not to “attack” the consumer with obvious messages and attempts to sell. The key is to be where the consumer wants and bring value at the right time.

Through social networks, content marketing and SEO companies get their potential customers to find them when they need a service or product.

Facts About Inbound Marketing
The company Hubspot, one of the largest in inbound Marketing, presented the Annual Report on the state of inbound Marketing. This report was based on 3,339 interviews made to marketing professionals in 128 countries. Here are some of the most relevant data:

58% of marketing professionals already put it into practice.
It Is effective because it generates 54% more leads than the traditional outbound marketing.
48% of marketing professionals are planning to increase their investment in this discipline. It Is The third consecutive year in which advertisers increase their budgets in inbound Marketing.
It’S a good time to have a customer-centric website. Inbound Marketing generates 100% more conversions than outbound.
The cost per lead of inbound Marketing is lower than that of outbound Marketing.
Inbound Marketing specialists are becoming more and more demanded. During 2013 The hirings in this specialty will increase by 125%.
The time spent in working hours for inbound marketing is already at 44%.
ALL companies and businesses have the ultimate goal of transforming leads into customers. But at the same time to be loyal to them so that it is the client who seeks their products and not the company who seeks the client.

How do I create the best inbound strategy?
Once you have clear with what resources and budget accounts. The first case you need to carry out to develop an efficient inbound Marketing strategy should be to define the goals you want to achieve with it and the other strategies that make up your marketing plan.

By setting the goals, the following may be starting by evaluating your website’s ability. For example to attract visitor traffic or convert leads or potential customers. Or even close commercial sales. Some of the indicators (KPI) that you can analyze to establish your objectives are:

Number of monthly visits.
Number of leads (emails) or monthly conversions.
Sources of traffic: Social Networks, Blogging (Post-Guest), SEO, Adwords, Email Marketing, Direct.
After setting your goals, you need to define the characteristics of your ideal buyer. The Buyer person is the basis in this type of marketing strategies. Since it will allow you to know exactly the needs of your ideal buyer and the most suitable way to communicate with him and sell your product.

The best way to create a Buyer person is to answer a series of questions that will help you put yourself in your shoes, or rather, to think in the same way as your ideal customer. These questions will depend on the business as well as the product or service offered.

The Third step in developing your inbound Marketing strategy is to design a content Marketing strategy. In Many companies that do not have the resources to generate a content plan for themselves, they turn to specialized content agencies.

The definition phase of a Content Plan requires time. It Is necessary to carry out a thorough investigation of the contents that are going to be shared and the topics that are going to be discussed.

During The investigation you should take into account that it will be necessary to create different types of contents for each stage of the funnel (sales Funnel). Because each potential client will be at a certain stage.

The sales funnel, or also called Sales funnel, is the purchasing process that is produced in inbound Marketing. It consists of three stages that are:

– TOFU or Top of the funnel.

– MOFU or middle of the funnel.

– BOFU or botton of the funnel.

The next step in developing your inbound Marketing strategy will be to define the keywords or terms that are most used by your target audience. Specifically those used to find information about your product or service.

The purpose of doing this research of keywords is to optimize the positioning of your content; And thus get the greatest visitor traffic from search engines.

The advantage of doing this keyword research is that:

– You Can quickly get to know the search volume according to the geographical location.

– Identify the best search terms of your competition.

To develop an excellent inbound Marketing strategy You can also support yourself in marketing automation tools; Some software is available on the market and can make your homework easier. It will Even allow you to save costs in acquiring new customers and increasing sales of your business.

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