Good Content Marketing Tools That We Do Not Use

1. Tell a good story

# If Your main goal is to produce interesting, original and creative content, what you need to do is tell a good story. I mean, it’S not always enough to provide good information to sell a product. It’S important for the audience to identify with him and your brand. For This it is key To know how To tell a nice, funny or emotional story, or maybe both. Nuances are Always essential.

It’s about being original. Telling a good story does not mean always falling into the same to move the user but really to develop an original idea and produce it in the right way.

And not only the body of content should be original and creative, you should not forget the headlines. They Are as fundamental as the rest of the production. The title is the first thing that the user will find and if it does not catch your attention your great idea can be ignored and forgotten.

2. How to produce content on a daily basis?
The challenge for those who play in content marketing is to be able to maintain creativity and originality in a pace of work that requires constant production. Having a great idea is not something that happens all the time.

# While It’s not a simple task, there are a few steps you should take into account. The Inbox of your mail is an inexhaustible source of ideas. Every day you have To answer a lot of queries and usually some topics are usually repeated. Take Advantage Of These more frequent themes to produce content.

# Another option to take into account is participation in the forums. It Is important that your brand is present in these sites, on the one hand to have visibility and presence in the digital community. On the other hand, in the forums you can be aware of what is spoken, what is said. The World of marketing is in constant movement, there are always novelties that you must attend to not stay behind. The Forums make up another source of ideas for the production of articles.

#Teniendo in mind that having important ideas is not a daily thing, when one appears, you must exploit it to the fullest. Recycle content is as important an activity as producing. If you have something good you can retake it and work it a little more to bring something new to the user with the same great idea as a base. It Is a fundamental resource when ideas Are not enough.

3. What kind of content to produce?
At times, a good content or, at least, a good idea, is benefited or harmed by the way it is expressed. This has to do directly with the format, the form of presentation that you print to your production. The text is important but you can’t offer your great idea simply with an extensive article that no one will finish reading.

It Is important to divide at least two halves of your content, 50% of text and another 50% of visual material. The user will be thankful for this excellent combination that offers both words and images, graphics and videos. Infographics play an important role in the visual resources, this is due to its versatility to provide information to the user in a pleasant way with texts, numbers, drawings, graphics.

# Throughout this year is the video content that was positioned at the top. The Play button is the most important attraction your blog can have. The video also provides text, graphics, images but adds sound and movement. It Involves the combination of multiple resources that call the audience’s attention above any article that includes only text.

A tip to be more likely to succeed: take care of creating your own videos. Having a team in charge of making your videos can distinguish your brand.

4. Optimize Social media
# Social networks govern The Internet. There, users spend 23% of their time connected and make up a real gold mine for the marketing of content. Your Productions will not be very successful if you do not have a good social media strategy.

# From now on, you should promote yourself on Facebook and Twitter, but at the same time, you don’t have to let go of social networks that are growing. Mainly I mean Pinterest, especially considering its facilities when it comes to promoting your infographics.

It’S very important to meet your audience. And when I talk about one in reality, I mean a multiplicity of audiences that make up a general. Not All users are the same. That’s Why it’s essential to know your preferences, where they come from. In this sense it is necessary to manage Google Analytics. Knowing well those who access your content, the task of generating new ideas will be much easier.

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