For the dignifying of marketing

From The Culture of Marketing, you know that every now and then we like to break with the post or articles that talk about any aspect of marketing, whether digital or traditional, to take the license, to launch digital cyberspace reflections and Thoughts Around the professionalization and management of marketing.

There Are few digital watchtowers that from their viewpoints defends the dignity of marketing, understanding marketing as a discipline, understanding marketing as science, understanding marketing as a tool for business management and understanding the Marketing with PROFESSIONALism.

It is time to unmask false prophets and gurus, to merchants of itinerant fairs that only know how to sell canned smoke, and that when they have billed the dibs and you prepare to open the boat, they vanish and the “nothing” is what is left to the client (apart from the face of idiot).

Marketing must be understood and applied with dignity, with knowledge acquired and accumulated in years of experience, with methodology, with tools and of course with ethics, a lot of ethics.

We Cannot and must Not forget that we offer services to companies that seek to move forward, to take a step forward in their business models. Therefore we sell solutions that can go from understanding and knowing your client, to strengthen a brand or simply establish a communication with your employees.

And you wondering, what happened?

Because It is more and more frequent to meet with managers of companies, managers and directors or managers, who tell me that distrust of marketing professionals, who have sold projects and ideas but at the time of the truth the best they have known Do has been to collect and leave.

Does this situation sound familiar?

In these cases we see ourselves in the fearful and imperious situation of having to launch a plea in defense of marketing and its professionals, to explain to that client deceived, what it is and what it means to be a marketing professional, to restore a damaged trust and almost Lost.

For this reason, this article, which I hope will be a bit more of hope in this long and hard battle…

Features of a marketing professional
A good marketing professional is mainly characterized by:

Professionalization: That as indicated by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (RAE) comes from the professional term and is the person who exercises his profession with relevant capacity and application. That Is, the one who does his job in the best possible way, looking for the most optimal results and with the desire to be better every day, surpassing!!!.

The client is the first one: a marketing professional will focus all his efforts on the client being the center of the strategy he poses, he will try to get at all costs the most efficient, optimized and profitable solution, through marketing processes.

Brand goals to meet: generally marketing professionals always work with goals, KPI´S, measurement indicators… Ultimately goals to achieve through action plans and strategies.

It Applies methodologies: marketing has and needs the application of rigorous and professional methodologies, which help the implementation of the strategies marked. Without Methodology and processes the final results will always be satisfactory.

Know and use tools: Marketing tools, as their own name indicate, help to achieve the goals and develop the action plan that is generated from the strategy. You Have to know them in detail and know how to apply them when they are necessary.

But It is clear that the tools are not the solution to everything or magic barite!!!

Training and hours and hours of dedication: as in every profession, behind good professionals is the qualification, the hours and hours of dedication the continuous training, the clients and projects executed and realized, the recommendations… The baggage or professional curriculum is also important!!!

Ethics is its raison d’être: ethics consists in establishing the moral duties and obligations that professionals who exercise a particular profession have to assume. Everything Is collected in the Code of ethics, a document that explains the criteria, norms and values assumed by those who want to carry out a correct professional activity.

It Is This point the Spanish Marketing Association has developed the ethical code of Marketing professionals, code that from The Culture of Marketing we have supported.

That you should avoid…
Logically you can not make a portrait robot, but if you perceive this type of attitudes or behaviors ojito to singing:

Rhetoric of the concept: they are usually people who speak and speak, with many concepts and terms learned, as well as “anglicisms”. In the background they do not complete or specify anything.

Ideas and ideas but does not focus on what really matters your business: they tend to be people who go with many creative ideas and alternatives (which is good) but do not settle in the design of a strategy, do not focus on the search for a return or profitability , do not mark some objectives…. are paper castles!

They Transmit more than they really are able to do: usually if you delve into the experience of the projects that articulate or sell, you will quickly realize that it is relative or scarce (this is not bad) for the level of professional who want to give or appears R is greater than they really are.

Criticizes and criticizes colleagues and related companies: they are people who always end up speaking badly of other colleagues, criticizing projects of other professionals, which they of course would have done better…

False Smell of Guru: I’ll tell you if you see the league… Because it is someone who knows everything, that sentence, that creates chair in everything that speaks…

Each Marketing Professional must become an advocate for his or her own profession, must dignify it, professionalize it, and contribute to the fact that marketing is understood as a function to be exercised by qualified professionals and not a topic that everyone Know.

Of course the intention of this reflection is not to create conflict or confrontation but quite the opposite, to dignify and Unite, to enrich and to strengthen, to learn from others to continue growing.

Why Marketing should be professional and dignified!!!

And What do you think of as a marketing professional?

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