7 Post Digital Marketing essentials in 2015

1. Google Analytics in Spanish, “Mega analytical tutorial for Newbies” by Jose Facchin Blog
I could Not miss this list an article of the blog of my friend Jose Facchin, blog of reference in the Blogofera of digital marketing and social media, although in this case is written by a collaborator, Daniel Bocardo.

Do Not be frightened if you see that for more than read and go down scrolling the article does not end, it is a complete guide, detailed to squeeze Google Analytics, a key aspect for any professional digital marketing and social media that boasts. For this reason it has won to be one of the “Post Top Marketing Culture 2105”.

After a brief introduction on Web analytics, Daniel explains a fundamental part, the fundamentals, the processes, i.e. the basis, which consists of: identifying objectives, evaluating infrastructures, implementing the strategy, implementing technique, data analysis and improvement continues. This part supports It with a great video of Gemma Muñoz.

Then get into the task explaining point by point all the options of the dashboard or Control Panel:

-Combs and direct access to reports

– Intelligence Events and trigger events

– Real Time

– Audience

– Acquisition, behavior…

In short a very complete and thorough guide that you should read If or Yes.

Read full article: Google Analytics in Spanish, “Mega Analytics for Newbies”

2. SEO for WordPress, the guide never written by Luis Villanueva
Today There are thousands and hundreds of thousands and sure we are short, digital projects that are launched and survive using templates on WordPress, the content manager king for Small and medium enterprise.

For this reason and because the article of my friend Luis M. Villanueva is very complete and does not lack any detail, entering in depth in the matter, deserves to be in the “Post Top The Culture of Marketing 2105” that we recommend to read.

The article from the beginning leaves things clear, as Luis is in person, stating that it is not the typical installation guide plugin but will move the professional experience in the management of SEO projects on WordPress to improve the optimization and Search engine positioning.

Starting with the startup of Robots. txt, or how to work the canonical URLS, the tuning in the general configuration, point by point of WordPress, goes to detail the fundamental plugins such as SEO by Yoast, Category Tinymce and WordPress related Post, or Analyzing load speed…

A post that is complemented by key tools, actions of Linkbuilding… Ultimately a SEO tuning for any project that is on WordPress.

Read full article: SEO for WordPress, the guide never written

3. Landing pages converting by Jesús Pernas
If we go to one of the actions or resources that most use a marketing professional, the landing page focused on the conversion, for me, is the Queen of digital marketing. For this reason this piece of article by my friend Jesus Pernas, had to be in the “Post Top Marketing Culture 2015”, for originality in the subject, depth of detail, practical approach and experience moved.

A very complete post in which after defining that we understand by landing page in digital marketing, it goes to detail how to raise a properly landing, the definition of objectives, the target, 7 tricks to improve a landing (headline, the images, CTA, Testimonials…), measurement, Monitoriación and back to start…

Everything with the right touch of smoke from Jesus, which also as always closes with a infogafía summary of all the content.

What more can you ask for!

Read full article: Landing pages converting

4. SEMRUSH: The Spanish tutorial ever written by Raúl Miruri
For a long time I have been using the Semrush tool in the management of digital marketing projects with clients, in the strategy of Marketing Culture and in a module of the Master in Digital Marketing Management that we have launched this year.

For These and other thousand reasons is here the post of my friend Raul Miruri, a detailed and thorough guide to get the most out of this tool that will not only help us with the SEO strategy.

The article details the control Panel, specifying the utilities of the free or free version of the payment, to quickly enter to explain point by point:

– Organic Traffic.


– Advertising

– PLA Research

– Display Advertising

– Recoil Links


– Site Audit and many other factors…

But It also complements the article talking about the Blog Semrush to expand Knowledge, recommends several articles from other bloggers level and includes a video tutorial Miguel Florido where it teaches how to analyze keywords with this tool.

In Short, a complete article awarded with the “Post Top Marketing Culture 2015” that we recommend reading.

Read full article: Semrush: The Spanish tutorial never written

5. How to position yourself on Google in the Top 1: Analysis of 5 very competing keywords by Miguel Florido
Despite being an article published on December 30, 2015 has entered the list for its high quality and practical approach, and therefore is “Post Top Marketing Culture 2015” We recommend reading.

In This article, my good friend Miguel Angel Florido, analyzes 5 keywords, Top 1 in Google searches, entering the detail of what strategy and actions have made each of the authors to reach the first position. The key words analyzed are: “Create a blog”, “SEO positioning”, “Inbound Marketing”, “Work from Home” and “newsletter”.

For each of them it establishes 5 points:

– Analysis in the SERP´S

– Keyword Density.

– SEO on page Aspects.

– User Experience Analysis.

– SEO Analysis off page.

As We are accustomed closes the post with an infographic on the Top 10 key tips to position on Google in the 1.

An essential article to properly design and write content with a SEO approach that generates visits!!!

Read full article: How to position yourself on Google in the Top 1 6. Community Manager Guide by Claudio Inacio Russo
In This list of the best post, I could not miss my good friend Claudio Inacio Russo, a blogger who this year has worked hard to grow in visits and content. Of all his post we have stayed with his first e-book, is not a post to use but worth the content, professionalism, practical approach and so we decided to be the last “Post Top Marketing Culture 2015”.

In This e-book you will find from the definition of what is a community manager, to the objectives to establish for each social network, the key functions, the 10 essential qualities of a good manager of communities, own tips to succeed as community manager, The main errors to avoid, the 10 essential tools…

Also as a reader of Claudio’s Blog, I have seen that this post is among the most shared and read this year, why is it?

In Short, a content that if you work in Social Networks should not stop reading.

Read full article: Community Manager’s Guide

7. How to create a blog step by step by Rubén Alonso
As it could not be otherwise, this piece of article by my friend Rubén Alonso, had to be in this list, for its thematic, by level of detail, for its practical approach, for the professionalism is a “Post Top Marketing Culture 2015”.

A fantastic guide where we explain how to create a personal blog, a professional blog, a corporate blog or a blog for an e-commerce store; Where we count by by and cons and gives us the optimal solution for each of them.

But It also explains how to mount the blog on different platforms as Blogger, or, with videos tutorials.

The post ends with a great infographics summary and even advises other post complementary to be necessary to collect more information.

You have no excuse not to open a blog and get to work!!!!

Read full article: How to create a blog step by step

As it could not be otherwise we leave you a post digital marketing plus gift…

The most complete guide to Facebook Ads at 2016
Another Young blogger This year have taken a giant step is my friend David Soto who has published very good content and is gradually positioned with outstanding. In This case it is a piece of article that in his day I read and I loved and for this reason I could not include it in this selection of the “Post Top Marketing Culture 2015”.

Full Post detailing step by step how to get the most out of Facebook Ads, and begins giving us 5 powerful reasons to invest in advertising campaigns on Facebook to then go point by point: Promote your publications, promote your page, Attract people to your website, increase conversions, basic campaign settings, create the ad…

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